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Terms and conditions of service

Below are the terms and conditions on which I, Emma Austin, will provide my services to you.

The type of service may differ depending in which class you attend, and participation may be determined by your initial health check form (see below for more details of this).

Please read the terms and conditions below before receiving my services and if you have any questions about them, please contact me.

Medical information

Before participating in any exercise, I will ask you to fill out a PAR-Q Health Questionnaire. This form is your opportunity to inform me of any known medical conditions which may affect your ability to take part. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information and you will be required to sign the form, to confirm that you have done so. If the information you give me raises any concerns regarding your medical safety and I think you may be at risk, I will ask you to seek medical advice before participating in exercise with me. Likewise, if I feel concerned for your health during exercise, I will ask you to stop and return at a later date (after receiving medical advice, if necessary). If you feel unwell during a session, it is your responsibility to raise this to my attention.


My classes are designed to provide clients with a safe, effective and enjoyable experience. I have gained my L2 qualification as a fitness instructor and am competent to design and deliver fitness classes. Each class is 45-60 minutes and within this time, I prioritise time to sufficiently prepare clients bodies for exercise (warm-up), as well as adequate time to help bodies return to a normal, resting state at the end (cool down). I also make time for stretching, to help clients' muscles recover and prevent risk of soreness the following day. Sore, aching muscles the next day, or subsequent days, after exercising is common (can last up to 5 days) and I do not accept responsibility for this. If your soreness worsens or has not gone in 5 days, please seek medical advice. 

Costs and payments

You can pay for each class individually ('pay as you go'), or pay monthly using a pricing plan. The current cost for individual classes is £7 and pricing plans are £22 for unlimited classes (please note, you cannot mix and match Mummy Fit Club or Feel Good Fit Club classes).

Bookings must be made online via the website and all payments made by card. Monthly pricing plans will be paid by direct debit and the date of this is chosen by you, when you initially start your plan. You have the right to cancel your payment plan at any time, but refund cannot be given for that month, once a payment has gone out.

You are able to purchase merchandise or equipment (resistance bands, for example) from me and can pay for these via card or cash.

Lateness and cancellations

I'm afraid I cannot wait for you if you are late. I hire venues from and up to an allotted time and therefore must stick to my planned schedule. You are able to come and join in with the session if it has already started, however, you cannot claim a refund for the time that you missed due to lateness.

If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, you are required to pay for the session, as that is insufficient time for someone else to take your place. If you cancel with more than 12 hours notice, you will be eligible for a refund of that session. If you are paying using a pricing plan, you cannot receive a refund for missing a booked session. Should you miss multiple sessions that month for unforeseen circumstances (eg, medical reasons), a refund will be considered, but on an individual basis

If I need to cancel a session, I will offer you a place on a future class without further charge or a refund for the session cancelled. If you are using a pricing plan and pay monthly, you will be offered a video in place of the cancelled session.

Health and Safety

Exercising can cause risks and we must take responsibility for the factors we can control.

I will:

* Provide suitable venues to carry out fitness classes in and ensure that they are risk assessed - especially for the safety of babies, toddlers and children for my Mummy Fit Club classes

* Plan and deliver sessions that are suitable and safe for participants

* Communicate with you if I feel it is unsafe for you to exercise (for medical reasons, or otherwise) - I will work within my scope of practise and refer you to another professional if required.

* Frequently check the quality and effectiveness of equipment I provide, including toys in Mummy Fit Club. I will demonstrate how to use exercise equipment safely to reduce the risks of injury or misuse.

* Clean equipment after use, including toys after Mummy Fit Club.

* Give you as much notice as possible if I need to cancel a session

You must:

* Inform me of any changes to your medical condition. Please do not attend a class if you are ill or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19.

* Wear suitable clothing (including footwear) to exercise in

* Use equipment safely and as demonstrated - Do not damage or misuse

* Be responsible for your own property and personal belongings - Please make sure they are in a safe place, away from the area use for exercise.

* If attending Mummy Fit Club, make sure you and your children are well and remember that you are responsible for your children. I will help where I can and will always asker your permission before picking them up.

* Agree to be respectful towards other participants and myself

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